Progressive Education Consulting

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Management & Organisation

Professional Development & Training

Admissions, Marketing & Communications

Cyber Security

Accreditation and Compliance Support

Assisting schools in meeting accreditation standards and complying with state and federal regulations, WASC, IB PYP, IB MYP and IB DP standards

Strategic planning

Helping schools develop and implement strategic plans to achieve their goals and improve student outcomes.

Curriculum Design and Implementation

Helping schools develop and implement curriculum that aligns with state and IB/ international/national standards and meets the needs of their students.

Professional Development

Providing training and support for teachers and administrators to help them improve their teaching skills and stay current on educational trends.

New School Setup and Development

Shaping the Future of Education: Your School, Our Expertise

Every great school begins with a dream. Whether you’re an individual, a group, or an organization, our New School Setup and Development service is here to turn your vision into reality. With our end-to-end support, your initial ideas will transform into a thriving institution that resonates with your values and ambitions.

A Team That Shares Your Vision

Our team of seasoned educators and consultants do more than just offer expert advice; they collaborate, listen, and work alongside you. We understand that each school has its unique needs and aspirations, so we provide bespoke solutions that address your distinct challenges, ensuring your school truly reflects your vision.

Building Your School, Inside and Out

In the world of education, the right people and an engaging curriculum form the heart and soul of a school. We stand by your side in recruiting top-tier teachers, administrative staff, and support personnel, crafting a team that aligns with your school’s ethos. Furthermore, we help design a curriculum that not only meets national or international standards but is also tailored to engage, inspire and unlock the potential of every student in your school.

From Blueprint to Reality

The journey from an idea to a functioning school is complex and multifaceted. We are your allies, helping navigate through intricate processes including building design and construction, equipment procurement, marketing and communication strategies, and legal compliance. We’re there with you, ensuring each step is taken with confidence and clarity.

Creating Leaders of Tomorrow

At the core of our approach is a student-centric ethos. We believe in fostering an innovative and inclusive learning environment that equips students for success in the 21st century and beyond. With our New School Setup and Development service, rest assured, you’re setting the stage for a future of lifelong learning and success.

Student-Centered Learning Approach

Support schools in developing a student-centered approach that puts the student at the center of the learning process, giving them control over their own learning and focusing on their needs and interests. The teacher serves as a facilitator, using various methods to engage students and help them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Student-centered learning can increase student engagement and motivation, and help students develop important skills such as collaboration, communication, and creativity.


Program Evaluation

Assessing the effectiveness of specific programs or initiatives, such as after-school programs, special education services, or school reform efforts.

School Climate and Culture Improvement

Assessing and improving school culture and climate to enhance student engagement and achievement.